Conversions of U.S. Vehicles and technical approval by the Technical Inspection Authority
              A vehicle, designed only for the North American market, has usually no Type approval for
              Germany or Europe. Germany and all other countries in Europe basically require a, so called, car
              Full acceptance.That means, a complete motor vehicle approval has to be done.
              This technical approval is determined in accordance with 21StVZO ( Road Traffic Licensing
              Regulation ) or 13 of the EC-FGV ( European vehicles licensing regulation ).
              Therefore you have to apply for an operating license at the admission office. At the same time you
              submit the application, an officially approved document of inspection has to be handed in.
              This document of inspection contains a very detailed technical description of the vehicles. In other
              words: The expert opinion includes the same technical description of a vehicle, that are required
              for issuing an vehicle registration document. That means, that a multitude of single opinions have
              to be furnished, that apply to emission characteristics, brake power, operating sounds, lighting
              engineering and electromagnetic compatibility among other things.
              If a car doesnt meet the applicable regulations, an additional certificate of exeption is required.
              This is available at either the road traffic licensing department or the Regional Administrative
              If you have the vehicle registration certificate and the title you usually still need a non-standard
              emission test, depending on the age of the vehicle. However, to get a US car ready for registration,
              more steps have to be accomplished.

              I. The following retrofits / conversions must always be carried out:

- White / yellow Parking lights requiert (orange parking lights are not permitted )
- Yellow / orange flashers are requiert(Red flashers not allowed)
- Rear fog light ("E"-certified) with illuminated control switch in the vehicle interior in
  one for the driver clearly visible place
- Speedometer with km/h - scaling
- Replacement / modification of the main headlights if they dont carry E - Marks
- Installation of a self-leveling headlamp system (only for Xenon/ HID, not for halogen)
- Xenon headlights (HID) requires headlight washers connected to the control of the windshield washer
- Engrave the vin or chassis number on the passenger side (front) to a  non-removable metal part (frame)
- Installation of two "E"-certified reflectors at the rear of the vehicle
- Tires of the vehicle must be european approved (indicated by the E-mark on the tire itself)
- Retrofitting a towing hook (if not present)
- Creating a factoryplate acc. 59 StVZO


              II. The following reports/ documents (certificates) are generally required:

- Certificate of emission according to european standards EURO 1 - 6
  before registration date 30.06.2009

   (tested according to Directive 70/220/EWG or VO(EU)715/2007 in the currently valid versions)
- Certificate of emission according to european standards EURO 1 - 6
  and V7-Value (CO g/km) after registration date 01.07.2009

   (tested according to Directive 70/220/EWG or VO(EU)715/2007 in the currently valid versions)
- Certificate of conformity on lighting devices without the "E" Mark
   (approved by an accredited laboratory)
- Certificate of electromagnetic compatibility at modelyear 2002
   (tested according to Directive 72/ 245 EWG in the currently valid versions)
- Certificate of conformity for the braking system
   (tested according to 71/320/EWG or the VdTV leaflet 754 in combination witch 41 StVUO)
- Certificate of conformity for the exhaust system according to european noise-levels
   (tested according to Directive 72/ 157 EWG in the currently valid versions)
- Certificate of conformity for the angle of view
   (tested according to Tv leaflet)
- Detailed technical specifications for Power / Speed / Dimensions / Weight / Tires

              III. What is required for technical inspection:

- Converted vehicle according to guidelines of 21StVZO and 13 EG-FGV
- Foreign Registration papers such as american Certificate of Title (Original)
- Complete data sheet for the particular car (Original)
- Proof of emission testing such as "AU" (Original)


              IV. What documents/ certificates are required for registration in germany and europe:

- Vehicle documents such as Certificate of Title / Certificate of Origin (Original)
- Invoice or proof of ownership for the vehicle (copy)
- Customs clearance certificate (original)
- Technical inspection report according to  21StVZO and 13 EG-FGV called HU (original)
- Proof of emissions testing  called AU (Original)


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